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Retrieved 26 January My students belong to all kinds of genres: Thus, Amjad belongs to the lineage of Tansen. Apart from working with many Indian artistes, he has collaborated with many foreign bands as well. Subhalakshmi Barua Khan Children:

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Excerpts from the Interview. Fast Facts Date of Birth: Nowadays, many Sarod players are implementing this technique, changing the way Sarod sounded for decades. It is the greatest message of universal oneness and unity! Music has connected the world, whether it is European music, Indian music, folk music.

Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan to perform new raga dedicated to Abu Dhabi - The National

Historically, sarod players dealt with grammar, literature, but the level of poetry was missing in this beautiful instrument. I khqn to the youth to stay away from drugs and instead utilize your talents and energy in gaining new knowledge and skills.

In an exclusive interaction with UNODC Regional Office for South Asia, distinguished Indian classical music exponent and sarod legend Ustad Amjad Ali Khan expresses concern over extremism and violence in the society today, and calls for harmony and peace.

Guns cannot protect or save lives. He showcased the richness of Indian classical music with a range of pieces: So what have we really achieved? Sitar could express very fast phrases, which the sarod could not do. Dua Hemlata Gupta K. When he was still young, he had a relationship with a woman older than him. Press Trust of India.

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He plays the Sarod using his finger nails instead of finger tips, which is one of his many experiments with the string instrument. The classic Amjad Ali Khan pose — head turned to the khab with eyes closed and a half-smile on his amjav — brought a smile to many in the audience familiar with his performances, and his mastery of the sarod made the instrument come to life as few can. From childhood, I was listening to sarod around me, but I wanted to be more expressive.

You see, nobody has time for global harmony and peace. From childhood, the atmosphere around me was filled with music, and all my elder brothers and uncle nurtured me and taught me.

I feel very helpless. Especially in India, everytime there are elections, people play shatranj chess with the sentiments of every religion. But with all due respect to education, education has failed to create kindness and compassion in human beings.

I don't know how I play, but yes, the youth of India and the world is connected amiad me and Amaan, and Ayaan.

I wish this message was conveyed by the religious leaders of every ajmad, but they are busy in their own agendas and do not convey the truth of mhan to the people of the world. It has a very positive effect, and can help even those with criminal tendencies in becoming more kind and compassionate. Young Masoom was then rechristened as Amjad Ali Khan by a Hindu saint and he was blessed to become a famous Sarod player, much like his ancestors. I always thought that 21 st century will be most peaceful, most harmonious because of technological achievements by human beings.

Amjad Ali Khan

The Modern School, Archived from the original on 25 June It is my own country, India, which has made me what I am today. Can music help heal these wounds?

Money has become like God, and increasing commercialization and selfish attitudes are causing people to kill fellow beings. I was at the Stanford University for two months, teaching music.

For instance, in every country, we have street children, who are either victims of crime or perpetrators of crime themselves.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan with his sons, Amaan and Ayaan His sons Amaan and Ayaan are outstanding musicians in their own right, and perform classical music along with their father, as well as fusion and collaborations with other international artistes.

It did not take long for the blessing to come true as Amjad went on to become the sixth generation Sarod player of his renowned family.

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