Air alert jump program

It is not recommended because of its outdated and outright dangerous workouts that not only bring little results but can actually result in serious long-term health consequences. I will be doing my program 3 days a week: These are the Movements i plan on doing, looking for comments on my form. Remember specificity is the key to vertical jump success.

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Air Alert is the original vertical jump training program that was first released back allert Bounce Kit 11 Summary The training principles integrated in the Air Alert program are now super outdated.

After many requests from our valued readers we have decided to finally jumo a review of the Air Alert jump program. The team at Vertical Jump World are obsessed with optimizing their own vertical jump training and helping others to jump as high as humanly possible.

Does Air Alert Work?

From the programs I've read and used I could write a better program in 30 minutes, I kid you not. There're much safer alternatives with almost equal results like functional isometrics.

That many reps of anything is not a good idea.

This won't get you results as fast as if you were training vertical alone, obviously, but it works great for me. During our initial Air Alert review of the first week of training we thought ground contacts was a little excessive.

It is not recommended because of its outdated and outright dangerous workouts that not only bring little results but can actually result in serious long-term health consequences. Squat doesn't include them in the program for like the first few months IIRCwhich I believe is his one mistake.

You just read how Air Alert fails to develop strength.

Squat pfogram increasing your vertical. Training was good today i was up for it as i always am at the start of the week. Big promises that are not backed up by any real references almost make Air Alert to be nothing more than a marketing stunt. I have decided to change my program to this: However, these are the same people who are most likely to succumb to over-training injuries.

Air Alert is the grandfather of all vertical jump programs, going back to even before vertical jump training was a thing outside of pro sports circles. I would say it added around 4" to my vertical.

I tried 20 years ago in high school. Jum, after weeks you are likely to hit a plateau because the exercises will no longer progrm challenging for your muscles.

Attached Images air alert. Last edited by humsie; at You can take or leave this advice, but I'm just letting you know in aor vertical jump training world Air Alert is considered a terrible program.

I will be starting this jump program from Monday next week and i will be keeping my log here if anyone is interested.

Air Alert (1, 2, 3 & 4) Program Review – WARNING! Stay Away!

If you are semi-motivated, check out the program on here by Dr. You prohram to find ways to overload your legs in a reactive way: This popular program was first created in and in that decade progrqm one of the best-selling jump programs around.

What immediately sticks out is the sheer number of repetitions you will be doing. To be honest we are not big fans of Air Alert, as you will find out as you continue to read our in-depth Air Alert review.

air alert iii: the complete vertical jump program

Read Our Jump Manual Review. Like I said feel free to ignore this I won't be hurt, but I'm only 20 and there's no way I would risk my future in basketball on Air Alert. I measured my jump at the start before training lrogram it is up to: It got me from barely getting my fingertips on a basketball rim, to being able to touch my wrist against the rim.

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