Hacked gba roms

Knuckle San September 21, at 9: It actually has some type of Elite Four with Trevenant being the champion if i remember correctly. Most of the games are in. Knuckle San August 9, at 5: I'm looking for a game that has duskull as a starter if you know any let me know.

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Daboda Boda August 31, at 6: Player NameByYourself faces a lot of enemies, rivals, friends, and… a Girl NameByYourself [who secretly hacled a crush on the player when the player gets 4 badges, the Girl reveals his love for the player ]. Although I have not tested this next thing out myself,I am assuming that when the game freezes we can use this same method to return to the title screen and load up.

Dreary came out a month ago. Looks like the creator maybe out of commission for the time being. If you haven't checked out Gaia v3, then that's what everyone is playing right now.

Eevee hatched from the Egg! Dieter Schmidt December 25, at 6: What do you mean by "like platinum"?

Pokemon ROM Hacks List

Unknown September 29, at 1: Have you tried playing any Pokemon ROM hacks before? Thanks to Pokemon fans gab coders who strived very hard working on creating and improving ROM hacks.

After checking the creator's You Tube page for his most recent spoiler vid and disregarding all the spamit might be some time till anymore progress is made on it. Most Pokemon ROM hacks are distributed in.

Vincent, a famous artist, a painter, who only uses Smeargles for Pokemon battles. Unknown September hba, at 9: Hey knuckle san there's a new rom hack called pokemon digimon new world please add it it's in beta 1.

The thing is, I'm not really the best person to ask since I haven't been able to play any of the newer hacks.


Nameless Fire Red Project. Ha i played pokemon daimond now and i bored if there any hack like platinum.

The link is dead and the creator doesn't seem to be active anymore. AshGray is a great game but I believe it is not yet completed.

Are there any GBA rom hacks that aren't pokemon? : gba

Toms San October 22, at Depending on the creator's timezone I think he lives in the UKit may or may not come out on Sunday where you live though. If you're on Android, long press a link and then Download Link. I hope you support me for this hack. I know it gets ro,s only being able to do things once because of the emulators automatic save method, but hopefully this helps.

Also, you will receive a Fakemon before receiving your 'starter' Pokemon from the lab.

Pokemon Rom Hacks List - GBAHacks

By the way, what are the features? You should try the Pokecommunity Discord link rom-hacking channel. Jason Silver October 9, at 6: Unknown September 13, at Many people aren't aware of how ROM hacks are made and stuff, and hence the requests.

Lalit Suthar October 19, at Lalit Suthar September 6, at 5: Gb guys, I am making a hack like dark realm, you are starting on earth but mew teleport you to the pokemon world because you are uacked choosen one.

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