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Oct 17, Version 7. And if it's unsure about a character, it'll highlight it in blue—you can then tap the i icon to edit the text or see a zoomed in view of the scanned card to confirm the text is correct. You can search card groups now 2. But they still require some work. Unlimited times of card recognition times under regular account 2.

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Sansan aims to manage your whole company's business cards—on its pricing page, it even says it's aimed at companies, not individuals. Brother app CamScanner — Document scanning and sharing app.

Compatibility Requires iOS 9.

It was the fastest and most accurate at recognizing text in our testing—and it helps you reach out to new connections and save your new contacts to your address book.

This app has a good looking, easy to navigate and use user interface. Then, tap a card to see how Evernote recognized it. Doesn't export the complete flat file of all entries into an Excel spreadsheet. CamCard recognizes business cards and scans them automatically—and can even batch scan multiple business cards, though not quite as well as Wantedly.

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Zapier is the easiest way famcard automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Oct 17, Version 7. Want to scan more cards? Adapted to iPad recently 4.

Add Business Card import feature, support import from Excel files or third-party accounts 3. Brand new business card scanning camera, and recognize business cards faster and more accurate. Tap the camera shutter button, and Wantedly People will incredibly, magically, import all of those cards at once.

You can then save the contact to your address book or have Evernote remind you to stay in touch. But thanks to the computer and camera in your pocket, turning business cards into digital contacts is easier than ever.

The paid version adds non-essential features and removes ads. You can search card groups now 2. Or, you can use Sansan's desktop scanner device cqrd quickly scan cards in your office without using your phone. Thank you for using CamCard, this time we do a lot of improvements, we recommend that you update: Lay out your cards where they're not overlapping, and after a few seconds you'll see a circle appear over each of card.

Payment models for Camxard subscription: Next time someone hands you a business card, give these apps a try. Help millions of people make better decisions. Scanned cards can be sent with a text message or shared with a QR code.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. If you have been photographing business cards camcxrd with no way to process them, you can import and process them all cad once with CamCard.

With that out of the way, tap the camera icon to scan the traditional business cards you're still more likely to get. FullContact's app will then automatically merge that new contact with your existing address book and those shared by your team, to give you more info crad who else at your company knows that person and to keep you from having duplicate contacts in your address book.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

CamCard's free version is mostly a complete application. One of the best options there is OneNoteMicrosoft's alternative to Evernote.

Bug fixes and rwader improvements 3. When you first open it, you'll be asked to add your own contact details to make an "e card" which you can then share with others nearby or with a QR code if they also use CamCard.

Open the app on your phone, snap a quick picture of the business card often without even tapping the camera shutter buttonand the app will automatically recognize the text and add the contact to your address book.

The ubiquitous notebook app Evernote happens to also be one of the best ways to scan business cards.

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