Big spender theophilus london asap rocky

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Theophilus London – Big Spender (feat. A$AP Rocky) | OnSMASH

You or someone with the same IP address as you might be using a script or program to download pages from this site automatically. This here is givenchy, dollar jeans homie All these girls be raunchy, like let me see your peen homie She tryna cause a scene, but I'm in paris with my team Walking lodnon like I'm on lean, damn a nigga jewelry look so clean I occasionally ball in lanvin, I ain't talking 'bout jim jones Nigga, I'm rlcky 'bout hooping up, expensive shirt, breaking bones Fuck yo rolex, roll up homie, roll that kush, blow that homie Bih stop that, the po-po on me, uh, shit.

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Me and theo had a trio with these bitches from belize Fuck that Home boy, I'm never home, I'm not even in my continent In a town, I can't pronounce this shit, this is more than confidence Fuck your continental breakfast, you incompetent My nickname international, my accent changed by accident It's soho house put your phone away, I don't give a fuck who ya protege I'm from brooklyn, I fuck with jay, time to time, I chill with 'ye Fans don't mosh, nigga they pause, bitches so fly like "oh, my gosh" Yeah, we selling out girls, girls, money yelling out They planking cause they bored Nigga need a new hobby, need a new body You the biter, you the new hottie, you a stylist, wait in my lobby Nigga pondon like bobby, tryna get like 2 cribs for my mommy That ain't guac, bitch that's wasabi, tell rich I'm the face of theophiluus.

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