Axis 2100 network camera

For motion pictures the Axis is using "server push" technology. Bandwidth required at max frame rate. Here you have two options: You attach a modem to the serial port and can then dial in to the camera using windows standard dial-up-networking to connect to the camera. MS Internet Explorer version 4.

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This is the x pixel image, an appropriately sized image to fit in a browser application.

The source code for Linux is freely available to everyone. Longer term decentralized development. It is a camera connected directly to the network. If used with a modem the slow speed communication is of course the bottleneck.

Sensitivity down to 3 lux for colour images - with reduced frame rate and longer exposure time, see table below: Images are then monitored through your web-browser.

After setting up some basic parameters such as master password with clue one will be asked for netwoork applications: Here you let your upload the image stream to an external web-server, e. Return to the Kintronics Home Page.

If your camera's name is cam. Normally this is done in your company's firewall. For motion pictures the Axis is using "server push" technology. The camera can be monitored locally intranet or wherever desired in the world by taking advantage of the Internet. Software in the Axis Video Servers can be obtained free of charge from the support pages. No PC or extra hardware and software are required.

1 Axis 2100 Network Camera

High Image qualities As the Axis is using a high end CCD Sony and is very sensitive color down to 3 lux it is ideal for monitoring at places with limited light as well. There is no need for a PC - the unit has its own IP address! Run the installation wizard. This speed can be improved by using the buffering 210 of the at alarm conditions.

As it is based on open standards, the users can take and view pictures remotely over the network with a standard web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

No extra hardware or software is required. If you have already made the basic installation and have given your camera a name, then: This in order to ensure maximum reliability and ease of use. Then you can assign one of these IP: With the supplied null-modem cable and dial-up networking if you do not have 210 network card. You use the URL of the camera to access the images.

There are several such on the market today and this gives you the independence of the PC which may be switched off or hangs. Contact us or Call to request technical information and our catalog of products. If this is the case you are really lucky!

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You attach a modem to the serial port and can then dial in to the camera using windows standard dial-up-networking to connect to acis camera. Self-contained Optimized Web Server This network camera is installed as a web server.

Any standard browser capable of viewing JPEG format images can be used. Then you will let one port go to the internet and the other for your internal network. The Axis can be set to deliver snapshots at certain intervals or triggered by external events, e.

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