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The manager is the entity through which network management tasks are facilitated. In order to enable SNMP, the portions of the configuration that failed to load must be initialized properly. The agent notifies the manager of significant events that occur on the router.

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User access and authentication privileges must be explicitly configured.


Authentication parameters which a user must use in order to be validated by the router can be modified. Views control the access to a managed object. The access granted with a community string is restricted to the scope of the configured group. Object identifiers are unique object names that are organized in a hierarchical tree structure. An access group, in essence, is a template which defines a combination of access privileges and views.

These access groups provide standard read-only, read-write, and read-write-all access groups and views that can simply be assigned community strings.

A view defines the type of operations for the view such as read, write, or notify.

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A managed object can be a configuration attribute, performance statistic, or control action that is directly related to the operation of a device. The manager is the entity through which network management tasks are facilitated.

It also defines what type of access is allowed: Managed devices, such as bridges, hubs, routers, and network servers can contain managed objects. A MIB is a formal specifications document with definitions of management information used to remotely monitor, configure, and control a managed device or network system.

To implement SNMPv3, an authentication and encryption method must be assigned to a user in order to be validated by the router. By default, authentication and encryption parameters are not configured. When a jib is created, either the entire tree or a portion of the tree can be specified and made available to a user to manage the objects contained in the subtree.

Read-Write permission — Grants read and write access to all objects in the MIB, except security objects. Without authentication, a non authorized user could perform SNMP network management functions and eavesdrop on management information as it passes from system to system.


SNMPv2c uses a community string match for authentication. Management Information Access Control.

SNMPv3 incorporates security model and security level features. Access groups associate a user group lkcent a security model to the views the group can access. The agent can send traps to notify the manager of significant events that occur on the router.

While shutdown, SNMP gets and sets are not processed. SNMP authentication allows the router to validate the managing node that issued the SNMP message and determine if the message was tampered with.

The manager can get information from the agent. The combination of the security level and security model determines which security mechanism handles an SNMP packet.

OIDs are organized in a hierarchical tree with specific values assigned to different organizations. The branch assigned to Alcatel-Lucent TiMetra is 1. Additional access parameters must be explicitly configured if the preconfigured access groups and views for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c do not meet your security requirements.

Agents interface managed objects. A group can be associated to one or more network users to control their access privileges and views.

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Object identifiers OIDs uniquely identify managed objects. In a user configuration, a user is associated with an access group, which is a collection of users who have common access privileges and views see Access Groups. The agent notifies the manager of significant events that occur on the router.

SNMP provides a standard framework to monitor and manage devices in a network from a central location.

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