12 stones back up

More 12 Stones Lyrics. The last four groups of lyrics, the person has gained confidence and an understanding of a commitment or re-commitment to follow Jesus and in all lines, he is pushing the devil back. I know with some time and disapline I will get back on the right path once again.

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12 Stones - Back Up Lyrics | libreriagramigna.info

Back Up song meanings. I know with some time and disapline I will get back on the right path once again. Makes sense, as the main riff of the song has been present, in some form or another, in every theme he's used since he was billed as "Rocky Maivia" This is just what it means to me, its probably not the same to you.

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My Opinion Although many 12 Stones songs have a spiritual meaning, I'm not sure this is one of them. There was an error. It also speaks of falling short of the glory of God shones we all do from time to time. Then the last line, he tells the devil or the temptation the devil is offering to: Thats what makes music so great, its diversity More 12 Stones Lyrics.

Back Up Lyrics

Some of the things I am doing I know I shouldn' be doing, and I know I need stnes get back on the right track. Add your thoughts 7 Comments.

General Comment I wonder We as humans suffer thoughts of the flesh and thoughts the devil puts in our minds to strain the connection we have with God and sometimes we need to push stnoes devil back and say "I'm not going to entertain those thoughts or even allow my mind to go there, You try to bring me down.

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What stknes you think its about? Login with Facebook Error: Why not add your own? I just hope it won't be too late. Is this song about a guy talking to his female friend who wants to be "more" than just friends and he doesn't want that kind of relationship?

I am currently at a point in my life where I am viewing the world through different eyes. General Comment I agree with dnask8. No Replies Log in to reply. The second group of lyrics follow the same formula.

12 Stones - Back Up - text - libreriagramigna.info

Log in to add a tag. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I hear the words you say to me I see the way you look at me I know what's on your mind so Stand up get up back up now Just stay away I know the fear you hold inside I know what's weighing on your mind There's nothing you can do so Stand up get up back up You're reaching out just to be like me But you've fallen short Still you're following me You had the chance to bring me down But there's nothing left So just stay away from me You can't stand to see my face To know you'll never take my place There's nothing you can do but Stand up get up back up now Just stay away I feel the hate you push on me I see the things that you can't see I know what's on your mind so Stand up get up back up It's not the things you say to me It's not the things that I believe You try to bring me down So stand up get up back up now Just stay away Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

General Comment From what I read, this song was originally made for the WWF Forceable Entry album, but was left on the cutting room floor; it was supposed to serve as The Rock's entrance music. Its a good song but it is kind of vague in is meaning, but that also makes it a good song so you can inturperate as you will.

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