English horror novels

An over-the-hill rock star buys a haunted suit on the Internet. The Fear In Our Stars: He employs tight, precise draftsmanship to deliver stories that are hard to read, not because they can become grotesque, but because they take ideas living over a greasy restaurant, falling in love with a house and pursue them to their logical, and deeply disturbing, ends. The Other by Thomas Tryon. Much like its monstrous companion Frankenstein , Dracula wasn't initially regarded as a classic — but once the film adaptations began to appear, it quickly achieved legendary status.

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ButlerJohn Jennings and Damian Duffy. Look at how calmly I can write up this summary of one of Edgar Allan Poe's most famous stories, about an unnamed narrator recounting how he killed the old man with the "evil eye.

Gein's case stole the headlines in Novemberwhen police went to his farmhouse to investigate the disappearance of local hardware store clerk Bernice Worden. Proclaimed "the finest writer of paperback originals in America today" by Stephen King, Michael McDowell spent his career slumming in the low-rent paperback trade horrod but that didn't keep him from becoming one of the great 20th century chroniclers of Southern life.

Its deranged, mother-obsessed protagonist, Norman Bates, is based on Gein.

Then Doe started exhibiting signs of possession, such as sudden changes in personality and uncharacteristic vulgar language. If you think that sounds harmless, then you horrlr know Junji Ito.

He has lived with Mother ever since leaving the hospital in the old house up on the hill above the Bates motel. But after Vlad's death, he acquired a much more grisly nickname: James' tradition of quiet, chilly ghost stories, leavened with some of Daphne Du Maurier's keen psychological insight, Susan Hill has spent years tending her small corner of the horror garden. No one could have anticipated the small but devoted following this terrifying story would soon command.

Young Corinne La Mer doesn't believe in Jumbies at first Nalo Hopkinson "uses Caribbean mythology to create stories that are as horrific as they are character-driven and fresh," says judge Tananarive Due. The story of identical twins living on an idyllic farm, it slowly descends into madness involving drowned babies and hidden pitchforks.

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A day later the object is gone and everyone awakens unharmed—except that all the women in the village are discovered to be pregnant. But Hill House is gathering its powers—and onvels it will choose one of them to make its own.

Something is out there — something you can't see. Two friends, never named — though one, we learn, is "devoid of imagination," so remember that as you novesl — are on a canoe trip down the Danube during its summer floods.

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An only child, he grew close to his Aunt Harriet. Evil babies, mysterious jars, bodies in a lake, strange inheritances, monstrous families — whatever your favorite flavor of horror is, you're likely to find something englih your taste in this collection. The Ruins by Scott Smith. Is the novel truly horror, or is it gothic romance?

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Beloved isn't a horror novel in the strictest sense of the word, but our judges felt it more than deserved a place here. I'd be hiding under the bed shuddering without their help.

Isolated from outsiders, they experience a series of horrific experiences and Torrence begins to lose his mind. Here are some quick links to make it easier for you to navigate:. It was as if a band you had never heard of released a box set instead of a first album.

They run the englisg from fairy tale to horror, but all of these stories consider the bodies and experiences of women, the violence visited on them and the ways they respond. The novel recounts the tale of a man who loses his daughter in a fiery car crash.

50 Of The Best Horror Novels

And how dare she be so ungrateful, so unwilling? Swan Song by Robert McCammon. Pleasant, SC Administrative Offices: Joyce Carol Englisb has said this story was inspired by a real-life serial killer, but everything beyond that has been debated endlessly — is it a feminist fable?

You know this story even if you haven't read it: Gein's farmhouse burned down inprobably due to arson. The definitive abolitionist shoggoth story has yet to be written though Elizabeth Bear's award-winning 'Shoggoths in Bloom' is an excellent starting point.

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