Busta rhymes stop the party

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The Clash arrived in Stop the party I don't wanna hurt nobody but!

And y'all thought I was makin' a movie already huh? One of the most idiosyncratic personalities in rap -- with his halting, ragga-inspired style and incredible complexity, inventiveness, and humor -- Busta Rhymes formed Leaders of the New School in and released two albums with the group before breaking out with a solo hit single, "Woo-Hah!! His second album, When Disaster Strikes, debuted at number three in September Stop the Party Iron Man [feat.

Stop the Party by Busta Rhymes feat. Swizz Beatz] Busta Rhymes I said wait! Refresh the page to see the result.

Busta Rhymes – Stop The Party Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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Tell me how you want it boo! Got You All in Check. Discussion Be the first to comment on this track!

Stop the Party (Remix)

Check the method how I shread it there ain't nothin' new! Guns clap like applause Yea!

When the last time you heard somebody say aw shucks man? Paety Made It feat. Busta's first album, The Coming, proved a huge hit; the single "Woo-Hah!!

Touch It Remixes - Single. Busta would later part ways with the label.

Simon Says vs Stop The Party - Pharaoh Monch vs Busta Rhymes feat Swizz Beatz Song - BBC Music

Cam'Ron] Uh, I'm a cyclone bull, dry-stones y'all Want face time? The Abstract Went on Vacation mixtape just in time for the holidays. Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled. Listeners Also Played See Partyy.

I rep for the town that said 'Fuck Pataki! Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Get get 'em up! Stop the party What we waiting for Swizz?

Stop The Party (Remix)

Before Extinction Level Event 2. Creative differences with Interscope kept his career on hold until when Back on My B. Actin' like the club through!

Fuck a line nigga see me skippin' right in front of you! I know a couple of real killers that's Catholic White boys that speed blacks cleanin' they ratchets In the bloodline Osiris, I'm the only Muslim in the pool They know I put that work in like a pirate Jails you slap the ox in the green jello Carvin' your face is like the sound of a sweet demo Swiss knives intimidate Roscoe Blood drippin' over my crisp Nike's The streets the TECs spit like tobasco Never sip the blue shit or pink Rose' That's more for like pretty women, you so lame So if you wanna get physical Staten Island goons is in the cut Tony Starks play the front like my genitials [Interlude: He signed with Cash Money inbut the union was brief: Why try stop it see we primetime comin' through!

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