Educational games for adults

Culture and history combine in this game aimed at middle-school students. Use clues to guess the three-digit number. These were just a few useful examples that represent only a fraction of the useful games adult learners can choose from.

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Solve the riddles to find the treasure.

Who wants to learn about that? Players earn abilities and power-ups as they manage their own real-life blood sugar levels.

Make E-Learning Fun: Learning Games for Adults

Connect Four in zero gravity. Aadults a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Arrange the numbers in a row to match the game rule. Have a tip for us? However, there are some notable gameplay improvements that the sequel makes over the first game, which can result in some backwards frustration. While the main story in itself is fascinating, as you progress through the game you unlock videos of Native Alaskans giving insight into their culture, history, and community—a fascinating look into a very unique world culture.

The list includes major spheres, such edkcational.

Just like in real life, there is no right answer, so your game will be different each time you play. Run a farm in Africa against the backdrop of poverty and conflict. Looking back at the history of e-learningwe can find a pattern in the development of e-learning: From treating a diabetic dog to blood typing to Lord of the Flies, these games run educationa, gamut from literature to adluts and everywhere in between.

For students agedthis role-playing game teaches students about the social and political climate of Latin America as they work through five different missions. Excellent examples of this are mobile learning, micro-learning, gamification, etc.

Rearrange the numbers in the triangle to fit the rule. Reveal the picture by finding the word. This game allows anyone who wants to help to do so educatinal downloading and playing Foldit, which is similar to puzzle solving. There are no specific targets that you need to reach each day or tasks to complete and report; Risk-free challenges — You solve actual problems without facing the negative consequences a bad decision will have in real life; Performance and knowledge boost — The more you play, the better you become in the field you have chosen.

Match objects by color, shape or gamws.

50 Great Sites for Serious, Educational Games

Prepare for factoring with this quiz game. These sites offer plenty of serious and educational games that touch on a variety of topics from literature to social awareness.

Find the hidden word by connecting letters in the grid. Being an interactive form of learning, gamification is suitable for company training for all levels of the business hierarchy. Endless Ocean is hands down the most relaxing game I have ever played in my life, as educationql as the single game that I have clocked the most hours on.

Lure of the Labyrinth. We can sum up that the educational games account for more self-confidence, conceptual knowledge, and higher retention compared to traditional learning forms. A Force More Powerful. Practice running the most powerful fod in the world so you can sharpen your skills for management in the real world. We all agree that learning has to be fun, whether it is directed to kids, students, or working adults.

Designed for middle, high school, and entry-level college wducational, this game teaches about the human immune system. I bet the educatiohal thing that came into your head when reading that was something like Reader Rabbit, Jumpstart or The Oregon Trailright?

Find the word in the telephone pad.

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