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While, redundancy and flexibility was built into the weapons selection for multiple scenarios and specializations in close combat situations, this was intentional as Exia's armaments were solid armaments instead of beams. Please send me the file. It's heavily armored and has enough fire power to match an entire ESF battlefleet. The GN Arms Type E itself is a customized transformable fighter, with mid-range beam weaponry and melee weapons themed after Exia's weapons silhouette. Tuesday, 23 June

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This ability is also used for secret communication with friendly forces. The Exia is also the first publically-known mobile suit to use beam-based weaponry, an indication of how vastly advanced it is in comparison to other mobile suits fielded at the time.

Papercragt the set of armaments known as the "Seven Swords" System, the Exia is best-suited for melee combat.

Paper modeling is his hobby since he was a kid back in Seiei, the Gundam Exia was a machine to be feared in close combat. Tuesday, 23 June The GN Arms Type E itself is a customized transformable fighter, with mid-range beam weaponry and melee weapons themed after Exia's weapons silhouette.

GN Gundam Exia Papercraft

Its GN Condensers also can show visually the amount of particles it holds as well as the particle compression rate it is currently using. Powered By T3 Framework.

The responds to this Gundam Exia model was awesome, so Timmy Zell made an extended attribute to his design. Pokemon - Volcanion Free Papercraft Download. PapercraftSquare is a free papercraft site. Seiei, Gundam Exia is the first Gundam to be displayed to the world at large.

Exia's head design is kmodeled after ecia pilot helmet worn by earlier Gundam Meisters. Can I have this template? Pokemon - Golem Ver. GN Gundam Exia Ver.

Exia's paperceaft capabilities can be enhanced through the power of the Trans-Am System. Appearance wise, Gundams have heads that are human-like. The development of solid state swords was to anticipate against any scenario that would involve facing an enemy with a GN Field, be it a rogue Gundam or any other unit. While there are strong similarities to Astraea, Exia has its own differences from weapons to systems. In addition, the Exia's extension cone chassis possess an ability that can temporarily increase the output of the equipped GN Drive and the ability of the suit temporarily in "burst"-like mode.

The protagonist mobile suit of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and the mobile suit of Setsuna F. The additions make this papercraft worthier to build. Gundam Exia Full Attribute Papercraft. Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site. If a situation arises where greater speed is needed, Exia can be equipped with its own paercraft armor, the Avalanche Pack, which would be later upgraded into the Avalanche Pack. It was designed to dock both Exia and GN Arms for atmospheric entry and exit missions.

Exia was created as a high-mobility unit to greatly supplement its CQC role. Third Generation Gundams like Exia also possess head antennas that control particle distribution, though most of ghndam actual particle control responsibility is taken up by the antennas at the shoulders and neck.

The trade-off is the reduction of armor parts in several joints that reveal its internal frame; its MS frame is more vulnerable against enemy attacks. However, the pilot can defend against enemy attacks with Exia's GN Shield.

GN-001 Gundam Exia Papercraft by Rarra

Here you can find free paper crafts, paper models and paper toys to download, also appreciate origami, quilling, paper cuts and other paper arts. Gundam Exia Full Attribute template.

It's high mobility design has served Exia well as it has the exiz evasion rate amongst the four 3rd-generation Gundams.

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