Bokura ga ita live action

Michelle Mar 18 5: Djani Oct 05 9: It still the best romance anime i ever watched. John Sep 02 5: But I've read the synopsis and unbelievably touching.

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Does anyone wction where or how I can get these movies in the USA without paying a small fortune with English subtitles? Even though i'm a fan of ikuta toma i cannot see him as yano.

Bokura Ga Ita Kohen Part 1 - Video Dailymotion

Me and my little sister watched this movie on Red Channel and we bokuda get over how brilliant this story is. Ikuta Toma doesn't disappoint with his acting and Yuriko is decent too I personally don't think she's great, but her character is likable here.

BgI will always be my no. Sean Nov 30 Tina Jul 13 7: Faithe May 27 7: I really want to watch it but I'm constrained by time.

During their high school days, Motoharu Yano was the most popular boy in school, but can't get over the death of his girlfriend from a car crash. I liked it was very romantic: I'm dying to find out how the story ends. But I've read the synopsis and unbelievably touching. True love llive wait.

Watched the Part 1 and Part 2 watched part 2 twicehave watched several japanese movies but this one is definately the most touching. Even as a manga-to-film sort, I think it's pretty decent.

We Were There: Part 1 - AsianWiki

I loved both the anime and the movie btw. It's so good that I can not stop from watching it, made me bomura up all night long and I cried so much at the second part.

Well, the 21 april is the second part release day. Totem May 25 7: I saw part 1 on my flight from Delhi to Frankfurt.

John Sep 02 5: Retrieved from " http: You don't really see him, but at the scene where he pulls Nana back to the liev they show a blur of his face Sheila Mae Jan 09 1: You need to enable JavaScript to vote. Now I'm intrigued and want to watch Part 1.

Sousuke Takaoka, no comment. Nina Jan 01 Mail required but will not be published.

Michelle Mar 18 5: I'm waiting forr the last chap now and it looks like it'll be a happy ending, llve goodness!!! The conflict feels tangible and realistic and the connection between the two earnest.

We Were There: Part 1

I felt all the emotions in the story. At This Time of Night? Nanami Takahashi falls in love with Motoharu Yano and must deals with his inability to let go of the past.

Erika Jan 07 4:

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