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Deep Ambient Deeper and deeper down to the core Dive into hidden depths, and discover exciting new sonic textures and musical possibilities. Prepare to be transported into the wild sonic imagination of a true synth pioneer. Read more about how we take care of your personal data in our Privacy Policy. Community update August August 30th, frederic.

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In this primordial layer, you'll Efficient Leads Solid gold tone 32 Presets. Like an icebreaker, Kraftwerk became an inalienable legend by forcing its own way through the music map, a way that we now call Electronic music. A timeless hybrid of the raw character of traditional hip-hop and the sensitive tones of soul music, this neo soul sandbox provides you with an extensive array of sounds that truly do justice to this compelling fusion of genres… Mix the mellow and the rough, the thin and the thick, the airy and the deep.

Sound Libraries

You have a hit on your hands, but it needs that extra sojnds touch. Dive into hidden depths, and discover exciting new sonic textures and musical possibilities. Introducing Freesound Datasets and more! Straight from the mind of acclaimed sound designer Richard Devine come 32 incredibly intricate, usable presets for the DX Future Electronica The sound of tomorrow's legends today Whatever genre of music you create, this expansion will take it on a tour through a sprawling, neon metropolis.

Analog Lab will even provide 16 multi-presets to easily recreate his most bahk masterpieces. Richard Devine's Signature 2 Outlandish, experimental sounds 36 Presets.

An essential add-on for sound designers and audio artists, each of the 50 sounds in Ambient Soundscapes takes you on a journey of musical discovery, and will let your listeners drift across mysterious environments and ethereal sonic worlds of your creation.

Kraftwerk pioneered Electronic music, and their early work certainly divided opinion between fans and critics. Rain and thunder - Binaural - mp3 version Rain and thunder - Binaural - ogg version Rain and thunder - Binaural - waveform Rain and o - Binaural - spectrogram Key parameters have been mapped to the mod wheel, so you can transform these sounds to create highly expressive performances with ease.

Top sound designer Christian Laffitte has created a funk-infused preset soudns with sounds that are guaranteed to get your body moving and get your audience up on the dance floor. Addictive Additives Explore future sounds 32 Presets. Straight from the mind of master synthesist Richard Devine comes another fantastic set of presets, all tailored for Buchla Neo Soul Hip Hop From the street to the rooftops Drawing influences from the very roots of the hip-hop sound, Through his mastery of tone, his creative vision, and his sometimes fearsome, frantic stage presence, Keith Emerson became a household name, absolutely synonymous with progressive rock, and the synthesizer itself.

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Electro hip-hop nightmares 32 Presets. Consequently, it had a much brighter, electro-pop theme than their later work. Run with these tones and soundscapes. Richard Devine's Signature 2 Outlandish, experimental sounds Straight from the mind of master synthesist Richard Devine The Drift gives you a powerful collection of drones, keys, basses, pads, and sequences that will let you add atmospheric detail to your music that you can almost touch.

Firmly rooted in the new wave and goth sound of classic 80s acts like Depeche Mode, New Order, Human League, and Ultravox, this bank offers up dreamy, digital, dark synth tones that could easily be used to create the stuff of nightmares.

The sounds of Future Electronica will add a lush, cinematic depth to your tracks. Give your music the unmatched richness and vibrancy of its thick brass, deep pads, and textural sweeps.

Sound Libraries | Nord Keyboards

Explore the music beyond the domain of mind. Explore tomorrow's world with the Future Electronica pack.

Add an epic landscape behind the muse, an army behind the champion, the emotion behind the message. New products released after the initial purchase are not automatically added to the subscription. As a lighthouse of progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd is considered as one of bajk most influential bands.

Let Lyli take you on a sonic adventure. Iconic Vibration's 32 carefully curated sounds will give you the perfect retro feel for your compositions, productions and performances, while still retaining that authentic, instantly skunds Matrix sound. Tangerine Dream made synthesizers the center of their creativity, tools to imagine, experiment and explore new approaches to music.

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