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Originally Posted by mardus. Is this 32 or 64bit? I bought the nuke when it came out. Anyone fired this up yet?

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Hartmann NEURON VS - KVR Audio

For those we have lost. Originally Posted by mardus. The German-made Hartmann Neuron was a polyphonic hartmznn that attempted to break new ground using a new form of synthesis and sound-modeling they say was based on technology found in neural networks.

Images from Hartmann Music Reviewed December Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community!

Well, there's no point uploading a torrent if you're not going to seed it, is there now? Thanks for hqrtmann, offki. If anyone knows where I can get it pm me. There may have been an interface provided by Hartmann originally, but second hand units never appear to have an adapter included, although any commercially available adapter appears sufficient.

The Neuron's Blender function lets you mix the results of the two resynators in a variety of ways, including morphing and crossfading. This version is supposed to work without the Nuke.


Hartmann Neuron VS - Free. Filter - 12 dB highpass, 24 dB lowpass, bandpass filter. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Haven't installed it yet I have a mbit nneuron optic lineI will upload it somewhere when it's done.

It even lets you manipulate one resynator using another.

Neuron VS synth plugin now available for free | MusicRadar

I think it's not free, you need the Nuke to make it work. Remove this ad forever by registering!

Originally Posted by paugui. It cannot connect to a computer USB port. I need a mac now I've been doing a ton of research looking for a demo showing the supposedly unique possibilities this machine offers.

In addition to a multi-mode filter 24dB LP, 12dB LP, Bandpassit offers two multi-effect processors time-based FX like chorus, flange, delay and frequency-based FX such as phaser, distortion, compressor, limiter. Neuroon bought the nuke when it came out.

Nneuron really is a pleasure to play with, but the difficulty is in understanding how to deliberately create a specific sound. Already have an account?

At least I can. I'm quite surprised this hasn't been rereleased with the Nuke controller yet. Just recently, a Facebook group came into existence that managed to attract many knowledgeable and skilled Neuron owners who provide support and advice to each other in their spare time. Because if it's just sending midi, i'm sure someone could write some code to make it compatible with an XY pad that sends midi bs the Korg one or something like that.

Does a good demo exist? I only have pc. A software instrument version, the Neuron VS came out which offered everything the keyboard version did except for the 5. Each neurin holds a single model you can freely assign any models in memory to each resynator to hartman your sound. I would definitively pay for it and I am sure I am not alone.

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