Disgaea 2 dark hero days

Archived from the original on It's also one of the best strategy games around, absolutely charming, and a great value for your gaming dollar since it is a near bottomless well of gameplay. If you're not actively using these browser plug-ins, you may want to either uninstall them or turn this feature off. Games you may like:

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Fifteen years ago, a powerful Overlord by the name of Zenon appeared in Veldime and cursed its human population. When he and didgaea mother attempt to summon Zenon they receive his prissy daughter, Princess Rozalin, instead. So you what you see? Absence of Justice for the PlayStation 3. Some versions of Real's software track your pageviews and send additional requests from your computer, which in turn triggers our anti-spambot measures.

Disgaea 2 is divided into 13 chapters. If you have RealPlayer or RealDownloader installed, it may be sending hidden and unwanted traffic to our servers. Share with your Friends: The most common causes of disgaeaa issue are: The camera angles can be a tad problematic at times.

They later go on a quest to find Zenon disyaea return Rozalin to him, and then defeat him so that the curse would be lifted, making his family and the rest of the world human again.

Play as a human hero devoted to saving the world from a demented overlord, or try your luck as a dumb-as-bricks demon villain determined to become the Netherworld's new superstar! No Online Multiplayer Cheats: Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Ratings.

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This is a turn-based strategy game much like Final Fantasy Tactics, where battles play out one move at a time in grid-based arenas. Views Read Edit View history. As I've said before, if I only had one game with me on a deserted island, I'd want it to be a Disgaea game. Adell's mother tries to summon Zenon and fails, but instead summons Rozalin, Zenon's daughter.

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Nippon Ichi Software Genre s: The "Magichange" feature from Disgaea 3 on PlayStation 3 has also been included in Dark Hero Days, giving players the option to change monster allies into weapons. Find out how else you can support emuparadise.

The Item World game mode returns from Disgaea: Team mates and enemies can be thrown, creating many interesting opportunities. It has some additional features such as the inclusion of Disgaea 3 Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days is a port of the Disgaea 2 from the Playstation 2. Fans darm Japanese games and anime will be glad to hear the full Japanese voice track is included in this PSP version.

It's free, easy and feels damn good! Then there is hego item world, which is basically an entire game in itself. Sep 8, Also On: Nippon Ichi Software NA: Log In Sign Up. Sign up for free! February 5, [3] AU: For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Review - IGN

Here, the dqrk human population of this fantasy world has been cursed by the Overlord Zenon and turned into amoral demons. Adell and Rozalin set out to find the Overlord and encounter a cast of wacky demons along the way, including some familiar faces from the first Disgaea.

The first Disgaea game was excellently ported to the PSP, and part two continues the tradition of excellence.

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