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The game's commitment to its bold visual design is what sets it apart from most games, allowing players to tear, zip and generally unravel the world around them. Like its predecessors, it offers a selection of short mini-games in which you have to perform basic actions to the beat of the music. Then this piece of beauty came around.

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I was floored by the level of detail put into this remake. Plus, at least for me, it doesn't make it much comfortable.

Definitely one of Sonic's best games. I tend to buy at most one of the Nintendo-made titles each year, and I was able to catch up on a lot of games from older consoles thanks to the Virtual Console and the Wii's backward compatibility with GameCube games. If you like grand role-playing games with epic quest lines, memorable characters, and fantastic action, Xenoblade Chronicles is the first Wii game you should try.

Smooth Moves Totally the best game ever!

It has a great storyline, fighting, characters and soundtrack! A Boy and His Blob.

The 30 best Wii games – Tired Old Hack

Sadly, when this unexpected Wii remake launched inthe same thing happened and this lovely wee cat mascot once again missed out on fame and fortune. Surprised at the lack of Guitar Hero in the list, though, seems a little criminal if you ask me.

This ensures that no single player stays in the lead for too long, making the game fun and thrilling for wji. Hacking enemies to bits to the best soundtrack ever never felt so good! The game is at its best when played with friends as it supports local multiplayer battles with up to four combatants.

Should be number 1 - thomasnirvanastroud. Like many revolutions, we can only appreciate the Wii fully in hindsight. This game was a great deal better than the original in my opinion. So, in order for the new Nintendo home console to rise on top once more, they need to be: Ssbb is so overused but fun, but it is nice to have a fun game with spinoffs like mario party 8.

Black Ops also has a thrilling multi-player mode that takes place on 14 maps. A collection of the six WiiWare games that made up the Bit. The way the game molds itself to your own brain hangups based on an opening questionnaire is also super unnerving. Additionally, the use of Wuhu Island as a cohesive setting for all the events is a great idea -- so great it was used again in Pilotwings Resort for 3DS!

Note that games are ranked by Metascore prior to rounding.

The 25 Best Wii Games of All-Time - Dorkly Post

Ultimate All-Stars What it is: The characters now have more personality than ever before especially some previously forgettable ones like Aran Ryan. Rhythm Paradise What it is: Both it and its sequel are brilliant fun. Another thing I love is how it breaks the fourth wall in a lot of jokes like "No more sequels Mario!

Everything in this list hames deemed good enough to make the cut, so I recommend bes all with similar enthusiasm. Anyone who continues to believe this obviously never played Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Preschoolers get their own "wild" Wii game.


The cast of characters are extremely likeable, especially Riki and Reyn. It's a Great way to do some exercise AND learn some new dance gzmes.

While strange at first, the absence of voice acting actually makes the game feel more immersive as it focuses your attention on the beautiful artwork and the soothing soundtrack. Awesome toy-driven adventure lets you turn villains good.

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