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Adobe Encore crashes upon menu creation by Stan Jones on Mar 30, at This menu could use some cleaning up. Draw your button highlight on this layer, remembering that it can only be one colour.

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Adobe Encore Basics 7: Some of the menu and button options in the Library palette are prefixed with a small, yellow star over the bottom right corner of the icon.

Adobe Encore Basics 2: Creating Menus

This area MUST be rectangular. To encoge the size of the text, you can also Shift-drag a corner of the text bounding box outline to adjust the text size proportionally, or drag any handle to squeeze or stretch the characters together. Adobe Encore Basics 4: In this series of tutorials, Andrew Devis demonstrates how to get started with Encore so that you can produce high quality DVDs that reflect your work. Use the Character palette to adjust the attributes of text on your menus.

At this point, we need to choose an interesting graphic from the list. You also can add and edit text for your buttons.

Did you notice that emnu you created the menu, Encore also did one more thing behind the scenes? Shapes are PSD files that consist of vector shapes. Can you import a menu from the library?

Download full library content for Adobe Encore CS6

There are no menus in the viewer. If you like walking on the wild side, try dragging a clip on top of an existing button. Select the menu design, and then click the New Menu button to create a new menu.

Images are small graphics, such as arrows or separators, which can be placed over backgrounds or other assets. In order for the Play All button to work, the end actions for the timelines should be set so that timeline 1 activates timeline 2, timeline 2 activates timeline 3, and so on. Yes, you can import your background movie as a Quicktime into Encore and then add buttons to it within Encore, but when you come to build your disc the software will render those buttons into the background movie.

The most frequent problem for new Mac OS is permissions. Explore the additional graphics images available in the Library palette.

You can import a complete menu design created in Photoshop. Setting up a menu with "Play All" and "Play One" buttons involves managing the end actions and override settings. I hope this has been some help to those of you out there who are still burning your films onto physical discs. Chapter points are no more than identification markers. The debug database looks like this: The workaround was not to left click and to use right click or menu commands.

In this fifth tutorial in the 'getting started with Adobe Encore' series, Andrew Devis shows how to set this up so that you can create a menu driven web-based DVD based on your original project.

The buttons were created in Photoshop and added to the movie in Final Cut, before exporting as a ProRes Quicktime with these buttons now baked in ready to be imported into Encore. I also need to ensure that all of the buttons have appeared before the loop point. Menus A menu is a full-screen image that groups buttons, images, shapes, backgrounds, and text items.

You can move and adjust elements, as well as copy and paste and duplicate them. Return to posts index. Download project source video files.

Once it is selected, we can drag it from the Library palette to the Menu Editor window you can drag from either the filename or the preview display. Undo or redo if you need to. Toggle the listing to display only backgrounds. This tool enables you to nenu each individual element within the button.

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