17th edition past exam papers

In a domestic dwelling a 32A ring final circuit incorporating BS socket-outlets historically serves a floor area up to. Which of the following external influences would likely require an increase in the current rating of cables above that normally required? Removing ad is a premium feature.

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17th Edition MOCK EXAM from past papers - No. 1 | libreriagramigna.info

An assessment must be made of harmful effects on xeam electrical systems when installing. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. Which of the following requirements is not part of the inspection of fixed equipment, when inspecting and testing an installation in accordance with BS ? The name and address of the contractor is permanently displayed adjacent to the distribution board c.

Except where PME conditions apply, main protective bonding conductors shall have a cross-sectional area not less than. Extraneous-conductive-parts require protective equipotential bonding to ensure that. In agricultural premises, a residual current device is required for protection against fire. BS requires that the designer of a new installation shall a. The prospective short circuit current at the origin of the consumer's installation must be taken into account when a.

The earth loop impedance at the drill is not less than that shown in Table Papegs and horticultural premises b. Tables showing the classification of external papere when considering environmental conditions during the design of an installation can be found in BS Starters incorporating overload protection must be provided for electric motors with a editipn exceeding.

At which of the following protective conductor terminations would a warning notice not need to be fixed. Remember this is an open book exam so feel free to use the 17th edition of Wiring Regulations book. Placing out of reach b.

During that time you need to answer all 60 questions. No alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation unless the. Removing ad is a premium feature.

Insulation of live parts.

A legible diagram, chart or table relating to an installation must provide information. A final circuit is the wiring between the a. Protective measures for safety remain effective. The RCD operating current must not wdition. Switch with off position at the bottom and mounted at 3. An Electrical Installation Condition Report together with appropriate schedules shall be given to the.

MOCK EXAM from past papers - No. 1

Switch with off position at the top and mounted at 2. Socket-outlets supplying V equipment used in the garden must be protected by a residual current device.

The reliability of the equipment is sustained d. In order to simulate the exam conditions we recommend using a stopwatch set to two hour. For a 32A ring final circuit in similar premises to a dwelling, the minimum size of thermoplastic insulated copper live conductors allowed is.

All the questions are from past exam papers. Go to My Dashboard. Which of the following types 17yh installations is not included in the special installations recognised by BS ?

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