Championship manager 4

If your club and nationteam has fixture on the same day, your team play the national teams match. His performance, his corners, etc. I'm not saying DON'T praise your players when this situation pops up, what I'm saying is that don't go on praising your players forever, or you'll ruin your reputation. In case you don't know how to find out about a player and his fitness, then please do this now:

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Championship Manager 4 - Walkthrough

When you get complaints from players. Offer the recruit a reasonable contract and when that player accepts, he will join your club for the amount you put up after you clicked NEWS.

Goodbye, Au Revoir, Sayanara, um. All these decisions are up to you though, championshi remember that.

Verify this cheat Report this. Offer contract and if player accepts, hes yours for free.

Championship Manager 4 PC Cheats - Neoseeker

If you have to play a hard team in your league and you desperately need a win, then just follow these steps: Finish top, or second, of a lower league, i. This may cause a factor in your team due to loss of what may be a good player. Join Date Posts 3 vCash These numbers are their attributes, and show how good they are.

Players that may become unsettled and complain about the media or about your next match or what not.

This may be an old cheat, but it's still effective. Goal scorers that score from 20, 30 maybe even 40 yards out.

Before you're next game, when the screen comes up that tells you all the fixture for that day, save the game. It normally works with any club as long as you create the game with the divisions you want the players from. Hell, I need it, so I shouldn't complain.


If you win, great! If you don't know how to discipline players, follow this: So why is championsip good? Now, here's where the ultimatums get involved. Yeah, but if he complains, he'll tell you to your face. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. All sections completed, and I'm off to wait for Championship Manager 4 for Xbox!

Originally Posted by MrFoo. It works for me! Well, to tell you the truth, yes and no. Again, this decision is up to you.

You need to rest him. His performance, his corners, etc.

Then add a new manager as Real Madrid or someone class. Recent Threads anybody still playing this game? Even if he's out for a week.

How do I find out about my coaches telling me how my players are performing? Started the unfinished 'Board' section, and added a few more sites, tips and hidden attributes. Click on the recruit's name and withdraw the bid.

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