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Background Source The Typehead Chronicles. The Typofonderie type specimens collection Maximilien Vox, typographer, etc. Adding Your Photos To have your photos for a typeface show up here, upload them to Flickr and tag them with machine tags. Antique Olive on MyFonts.

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The type has remained popular in France.

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Already mentioned above, Evert Bloemsma, by giving FF Balance inverted weights, judiciously thicker towards the top of the x-height, surely used Antique Olive as a olivr source of inspiration, a sort of revival of the original idea. Turner Berry and A. It may not be well suited to extended text; certainly the slanted pseudo italic is undistinguished. Read more about Typedia and machine tags. Fifteen years in the making!

Antique Olive Font Family –

Background Source The Typehead Chronicles. Afterwards it was easier to justify the elaboration of the family as simply an addition to the Nord already in use. Little used in book work, rather geometric and compact but less mechanical than Helvetica or Universe, its original competitors Antique Olive is a face that has found a place in the world of advertising.

But make no mistake, these great men of French typography, who saw themselves as the bards of Latin typography, were considered regressive by non-Lursians 2. And yet… if this man in the street were born in France between and today, he would doubtless have been exposed to one of his creations.

Hosting courtesy of mt Media Temple. Because of its unusual fonr, Antique Olive is worth trying for logo work. Olivw script face Mistral evokes writing thanks to many months of research: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 22 September Le gentleman typographe, published by Atelier Perrousseaux French-English. Triumphant at the borders of an abolished empire… Thus the typefaces are presented so as to outsmart the eyes of the viewer looking for his next typeface 6.

Antique Olive is a humanist sans-serif typeface "antique" being equivalent to sans-serif in French typographic llive. Views Read Edit View olivee. To have your photos for a typeface show up here, upload them to Flickr and tag them with machine tags.

I have used it occasionally for drop caps, however. Even though Roger Antiaue belongs to the French graphic design landscape of the s and s, his work should be studied in depth, and not simply as part of the popular imagery of a prolific post-war France with its flood of goods, appliances and design elements become kitsch over time. At least that was the view of graphic designers, design instructors, journalists, etc. Languages Deutsch Tagalog Edit links. Originally wrote for Roger Excoffon.

The best means is none other than to choose a darker instrument, such as a fat felt pen.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He has avowed boundless admiration towards him in a number of articles in various international journals 4.

Choc is exactly olkve process adapted to typography. This bilingual French and English monograph by David Rault graphic designer and journalist, director of the Atelier Perrousseaux collection, member of ATypI, and author of Guide pratique de choix typographique deals with the type designer as well as the adman, with the man as well as the artist, and features: So a means of getting over the hump of promoting a daring idea concerning legibility, which would have probably been rejected if proposed outright.

Designed to compete with Helvetica and Universe but far too eccentric and and peculiar a typeface to rival those in versatility. Retrieved 21 November All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links.

Typography is multifaceted, and he demonstrates that well. Retrieved from " https:

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