Easy sinhala typing

Once you have finished typing in Sinhalese you can also send it as an email. Please wait, Sinhala Language Translation is Loading The process of transliterating sinhala to english is very quick and allows unlimited characters and words to be transliterated.

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Type in Sinhala, Sinhala Real-time Unicode and Sinhala Font Converter

There for you may have to download Sinhala Unicode support from Siyabasa through internet. Alternatively, you can copy the easg and share them either on social media such rasy FacebookTwitter, blog, comment or paste it on the Word Document for further formatting and processing of the text. We're sure that this new version 2.

You can navigate to Virtual keyboard by Extra option panel or by right clicking on the application interface. No need to remember complex sinhala keyboard layout or spend hours of your valuable time doing Sinhala speed test using sinhala keybord.

In Windows Vista and 7 the Sinhala Unicode fonts are pre installed.

Features you should know: Please wait, Sinhala Language Translation is Loading Sinhala Language is the Sinjala. So you can do two things at one place. While you are typing, Pencil will suggest you some similar kind of words that will match with your typing word.

Word or two about our Sinhala tool: Once you have finished typing you can email them to anyone for FREE of cost.

The solution is here. Even your single dollar worth us millions Get the relevant English word for typed Sinhala word. It provides fast and accurate typing - making it easy eassy type sinhala language anywhere on the Web. Report a problem easily through in-built problem reporter. To develop this version so far the main strength was your comments and feedback. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

The other amazing thing is this all translation part is take effect in Real time. Serandibsoft is proudly presents the next stable release of the Pencil Singlish Word Processor,with whole lot of new improved features and more than 50 bugs were fixed.

So we cannot apply styles to this font. There for most people stuck with making Documents in Sinhala. Use the backspace or click on any words to get more choices on a drop down menu.

It will help you to work with many office documents. For this visit this link.

Easy Sinhalese Typing

Einhala performance was increased with new sleek design. View Bengali Keyboard Layout To post the content in Sinhalese on Facebook, Twitter, or format it on text editor such as Word Document - simply copy and paste the text.

New extra option panel to easily navigate various options. You can now type in Sinhala in this text area Because there is no any other software in Sri Lanka that can be done this part. Another new option we included in this version of Pencil is the Virtual Keyboard. All software in Sri Lanka is support hyping for Unicode characters except this.

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