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Tag a Parked Call. Lists the amount of time in Erlangs when all the codecs voice channels were in use in the network region when this metric was collected. The Route Pattern Details form is split into two panes.

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IP Office brings a combination of voice and calo applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. To view the node form for the call controller, click and click Open. Displays the control state of the IPSI board.

This attribute displays one of the following values:. The state of the media processor. The control state can be one of the following for the IPSI board: The right pane lists the following details:.

Indicates if the survivable processor is registered with the primary controller.

Avaya IP Telephony Management

The Signaling Group Details Form opens. For IP the login name and password are same "Administrator". Now if only I could remember what I did The management server for the Call Controller. You can also filter the sfatus patterns by right clicking the attribute column headings and selecting Filter and one of the following options:.

Network Node Manager i Software The threshold range that you can specify is from In the Port Networks view, select the node of your interest, and then click.

The Trunk Group Usage tab page displays the avaaya group usage details on the route pattern.

Indicates the state of the call controller. Caol Signaling Group Detailed form is split into two panes. Manage your portal account and all your products.

The following icons will appear in Call Status to indicate the status of a call to your extension. Make sure that you use the correct character case to specify the attribute value.

This topic includes the following:.

Monitor Avaya Call Controllers

avays Unknown—indicates that the status of the call controller is currently unknown. The Name attribute that you can use to filter is case sensitive. It's easy to join and it's free. The reason for this might be that all the ports in all the network regions were busy thus causing the call connection to be unsuccessful.

Lists the number of times sockets were unavailable to be allocated for calls or links in percentage. Select the trunk group of your interest, and then click. The number of TDM time slot seizures by outgoing trunk calls to a port network in response to an incoming trunk calls.

Call status - "No response from IP address" - Avaya: IP Office - Tek-Tips

Displays the management state of the IPSI. You will also find its grammatical variations, such as "cats".

The percentage of the calls that were offered to the trunk group, but was not carried on the trunk group. AppManager combines metrics for these Avaya platforms, and call quality with statistics about the availability and health of network devices and overall network performance for VoIP.

The state can be one of the following: Lists the number of cakl an IP media processor port in the network region was allocated for a G call.

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