Huawei e303 firmware update

I want a user interface dashboard for dialing and receiving call. I have problem with my hauwei e modem. If not then you must clear each of the dependencies issue or another matter.

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For unlocking Huawei E customised firmware modem you need to first flash the modem with uncustomised firmware and then you can follow the normal procedure which is available step by step below.

Huawei E303 Firmware Update (

Is there any solution to flash again? Log into your account.

But it is showing error Only the normal USB dongle is readily available for prepaid connections. Now I can only see the the cdrom drive but no COM port.

Your firmware updater stop responding after finding port. Install Huawei hilink drivers and again update the device with correct firmware. I have a idea netsetter Huawei Eh-1 and I want to unlock it to use it with other operator.

I have same issue with my E, safaricom network, Kenya. It is locked to which country and network? For that reason I want to guawei the firmware of ei-1 too. Then you can update with any other firmware. I mean to say that Huawei has launched E modem somewhere with uncustomized firmware and on some places customised firmware. I already have tried latest mobile partner dashboard.

Download E Firmware Update | Download Free Usb Modem Software Files

Firmwars the mobile phone and battery dry in a location where the device will not become moist. I flash the wrong firmware 22 on a modem E Consequently, if you get any errors while installing, then get in contact with their support team. But I want to downgrade ei-1 to version But it fail every time. Also downloaded same firmware from another source.

So usually the best way to take care of hardware difficulties and install Huawei drivers is by way of the Device Manager. Since your modem firmware is Just pay a visit to the makers website and check beneath the support department to find out whether there are newer driver files out there. If it is locked to Ideathen no solution. I have tried in 3 different pc and and os win xp, 7 and 8.

In the event the driver is obsolete, you need to upgrade it. Thanks for your reply. Is there any other way to enable call option for ei-1? Try to get the web to ascertain updatr your modem was discovered. You can use any Huawei mobile partner with your device. Please enter your name here. See picture, left ei-1 and right — es Several things may lead to driver troubles.

My modem is locked to Glo network which is in Ghana Glo Ghana. Home repair huawei modem Upgrade Huawei E Firmware to

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