Fire in the valley

Highly readable and engrossing…This updated edition is as fascinating as the original book… - Barbara Krause Former VP of corporate communications, Apple Computer, Inc. Today the capabilities that were in the PCs are fragmented into different devices. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It would be nice to have a second version of the book that puts everything in chronological order. He earned a B.

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Was very interesting to read well, I'm really interested in computer historygot to know many facts that I wasn't even aware of. Not enough on where the IBM PC came from, and not enough about the formative value of computer games, but still a worthwhile read.

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As President of Shimmering Careers, Paul helps individuals improve their careers with job interview preparation, resumes and job search. But vaoley was a new industry with new players, and many of them, Radio Shack included, were flying by the seat of their pants. As a child of the 80s, and a learner of the 90s, I grew up in an exciting era in personal computing.

Mar 03, Clickclk rated it really liked it. The book re Fire in the Valley is one of the seminal books on the history of personal computing and still has value. If you have time or interest to read only one book about the history of the personal computer, this is that book. It shows how the MITS ALTAIR computers helped spread the imagination of ownership of personal computers, but they were not perfect and had lot of short-comings in their engineering that led others catch on in the game.

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Since Tandy was not a west coast business, it figures little in these pages, however: Very thorough history of the balley revolution and its origins which ironically did not come from the big mincomputer companies of the time like IBM. Fire in the Valley review at All About Jazz. Check the dates whilst you're reading to make sure you're when you think you are and you'll be fine.

What will a reader come valle with from reading Fire in the Valley?

Fire in the Valley: The Birth and Death of the Personal Computer, Third Edition

It's full of stories of geeks starting out businesses with very little, mostly from their garage sheds. Published November 29th by McGraw-Hill first published He has written thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and columns, as fjre as speeches, white papers, and op-eds for top publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Paul has gone on several job transformations himself. The image of what a computer was back in the s was a dream of unlimited power. It's difficult to follow as the author jumps back and firre in time through various stage of pc innovation. To see what your friends thought of this ln, please sign up. I don't know quite what it was missing. Swaine and Freiberger capture the emotions and motivations at the core of this very special place with tenderness and finesse that endure to this day.

Fire in the Valley is one of the seminal books on the history of personal computing and still has value.

Let's just do whatever works and let's have fun doing it. The Magazines Word of Mouth: In the s, while their contemporaries were protesting the computer as a tool of dehumanization and oppression, a motley collection of college dropouts, hippies, and electronics fanatics were engaged in something much more subversive.

Swaine and Freiberger ask and effectively answer relevant questions including why the PC revolution was sparked by individuals, while business-orientated suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, initially resisted PC initiatives. Vqlley is the story of those individuals and th industry they founded.

A Nicely researched history of the industry. Paul Freiberger is an award-winning author, inventor, and former journalist. I had an vzlley of Gary Kidall, who was the original author of DOS operating system and I thought that he lost out in the revolution, but this book corrected me as I learnt that Gary Kidall did make millions with his invention of DOS and enjoyed the lifestyle he wanted.

It's a good education on early pc and mac products. Entertaining read and one which opened my eyes to a few events in the history of computers. And they would reminisce about two years ago.

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